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Why is DOCL reliable?

Accurate Diagnosis and
Medical Staff Interworking

Quickly diagnose with 95% accuracy. We’re going to link the diagnosis to the medical team. Monitoring helps prevent deterioration.

The First Covid-19 Symptom
Establishment of
Prognosis Prediction System

For the first time, we have deployed a severity identification service using machine learning.

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It provides quality information related to COVID-19. Please check your blog and join us in our efforts to prevent COVID-19 proliferation.
We have
the most patient data!
Obtaining the largest number of COVID-19 patient data in the world
Little efforts come together
to save precious lives

Link to the doctors!

Please request a link when you see a doctor.

Information recorded in the patient app is
delivered to the doctor for health monitoring.
virtuous cycle model

We have established a virtuous cycle model that
collects user-entered data and updates the predictive model.

The collected data continues to help improve the predictive power of the model.
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Using the data you enter,
we advance the predictive model and save the patient’s life.
The DOCL Project (Doctors on the Cloud Project) was created by MOU between the ROK Armed Forces Medical Command and Yonsei University Medical School.