Not all patients with COVID-19 require hospital admission …
The decision should be made on a case-by-case basis

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

We have a solution to predict
who will need admission

  • Using real COVID-19 patient data
  • AI-based & statistical models
  • >95% accuracy

Sync with your physician

Ask your physician to use our Physician’s service to monitor your symptoms remotely. What you write on your CheckUp app will be sent over to your physician, along with your prediction results.

With our platform, your physician can monitor the patient even before the symptoms become worse, using our outcome prediction models.

A Virtuous cycle

Outcome prediction

Users can receive prediction on whether or not the patient will require professional care in the future

Collection of data

We collect data when the user sends over their symptoms to receive the prediction results

Prediction model updates

Collected data will be used to update the prediction models

Helping the world
by using our apps

Check if you should consider a COVID-19 confirmatory test
Expert-opinion based model
developed by six physicians directly involved with COVID-19

A completely
non-profit project

We’re just here to help. As simple as that.

Partners and Affiliations

DOCL Project (Doctors on the Cloud Project) is
initiated by the Armed Forces Medical Command, Korea in collaboration with Yonsei University, College of Medicine