Implement services
that can save lives
with technology and data

We have experts
seeking good influence.

Let me introduce the AI-based Covid-19
Severity Classification App service developed by experts.

Covid-19 Checkup Solution
When a patient enters a symptom,
the AI converts the patient's risk into a score and delivers it to the medical team.

Patients Apps
Make sure you need inpatient care.

Physicians Apps
See if your patient's gonna get worse.​

We implement services
that can save lives with technology and data.

Why is DOCL reliable?

Accurate Diagnosis and Medical Staff Interworking
Quickly diagnose with 95% accuracy. We’re going to link the diagnosis to the medical team. Monitoring helps prevent deterioration.

The First Covid-19 Symptom Establishment of Prognosis Prediction System
For the first time, we have deployed a severity identification service using machine learning.

Check the DOCL’s Blog!
It provides quality information related to COVID-19. Please check your blog and join us in our efforts to prevent COVID-19 proliferation.

It's not the only one!

Listed as the third digital healthcare solution in the world

Support 600 million unconditionally

Top academic journal in mobile health, 3 papers listed.

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